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NutrivityRx, Inc offers an exciting and time-tested line of the highest quality and most effective herbal supplements for health care professionals. The herbal and botanical medicine has been used for centuries to address the multiple mechanisms necessary to properly support the immune system, cardiovascular, endocrine, digestive, respiratory, and skeletal health systems. As a healthcare provider, these unique innovative formulations of herbal supplements are exclusively available to you, either NutrivityRx® brand or private label.

In NutrivityRx,Inc, the herbal formulas are uniquely blended, under the direction and guidance of our staff of TCM and Physicians. We use both European and Chinese herbs in our formulations.

Why use European Herbs?
  •   In Europe, Plants are Regulated as “Herbal Drugs"
  •   Herbal Drugs are backed by Clinical Studies
  •   Safety and Efficacy Must be Proven
  •   European Quality Control Requirements are Much Higher than Those Outside of Europe
  •   Final Products are Rigorously Tested
  •   Federal Regulations Require Only Basic Sanitation for U.S. Herbal Manufacturers
  •   Most European Extracts Contain a Full Spectrum of a Plant’s Compounds.

NutrivityRx,Inc herbal products are produced in the USA and are compliance with the USA FDA Good Manufacturing Procedures (GMP) guidelines and FDA regulations.

Due to USA FDA update regulations, we may change traditional formulation without notice.

All NutrivityRx® products are MADE IN USA.

All TCM Herbal Formulas are made with 5:1 EXTRACT HERB INGREDIENTS.

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Disclaimer: All TCM products and their information are intended for licensed health care professionals. The descriptions of the formulas that are commonly used in China for centuries. Although the information presented in this website refers to modern research and traditional knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine, it is only for educational and reference use and should not be used for diagnosis, treatment or prevention of diseases. All author,manufacturer and distributor will not be liable for any loss or damage of any nature resulting from the use of this information or products mentioned; either when used along or combined with other herbs, supplements or medication.

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