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quality controlOur advanced formulas are carefully manufactured on site using the latest technology.

We continually evaluate every aspect of the quality and purity of each individual ingredient to ensure the end product is the highest quality. Short manufacturing cycles insure the perfection of freshness and potency in our products.

This is why it is critical that we chose European standardized herbal extracts whenever possible. European companies simply offer a level of quality not present in herbal products made in the U.S. or other countries. European herbal products must be scientifically proven before their introduction into the marketplace. From the farm to the pharmacy, European extractors meticulously control the growing and manufacturing process, and European regulations mandate strict product testing that guarantee a safe, effective and consistent herbal product.quality control

We believe that they represent the best ingredients available and the most advanced manufacturing practices in the industry.

quality cotrol

Each product is made from the best grade nutritional ingredients available in the industry; many of our products are made from pharmaceutical grade ingredients. Our products are produced at 100% label claim and are compliance with the Good Manufacturing Procedures (GMP) guidelines. The strict current standards set by Good Manufacturing Procedures (GMP) and our dedicated quality control staff carefully adheres to FDA regulations.

Total Health Nutritional Foods, Inc chooses to use extracts that have been manufactured without the use of toxic solvents. These extract are significantly more expensive, but Total Health Nutritional Foods, Inc feels it is worth the price in order to offer the purest and healthiest products available.

NutrivityRx, Inc maintains a collection of scientific and pharmacological data supporting the safety, effectiveness and dosages used in our products.

NutrivityRx, Inc uses the latest technology in bothmanufacturing design and function. Ourfacility is state of the art and uses pharmaceutical-grade equipment for its manufacturing process. We set the highest standards for strict quality control.

NutrivityRx, Inc is licensed by the State of Minnesota and registered with the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) as a nutritional product manufacture.

Best and Patented Ingredients

NutrivityRx®  vs  other Brand

We use the highest grade nutritional ingredients or/and patented ingredients to manufacture our products.

msm ingredientMSM - NutrivityRx® 

(above picture: as you can see, the very fine MSM powder, offers you the most absorption for the body.)

NutrivityRx® products are manufactured using premium, distilled MSM; only made in the U.S.A.; guaranteed to be free from residual DSMO; extensive safety and clinical research including data published in health journals; first MSM to be kosher and Halal certified.  

msm ingrentientMSM - other Brand

(above picture: other brands of MSM powder is very difficult to assimilate and has very low absorption.)

Calciumleft picture: Calcium - NutrivityRx® (100% Amino Acid Chelated)

PH 7.2 solution containing Calcium amino acid chelate (left), Calcium citrate (middle), Calcium carbonate (right).

Calcium amino acid chelate (left) remains clear and ready to be absorped; Calcium citrate (middle) and Calcium carbonate (right) have precipitated.      

left picture: Calcium - NutrivityRx® (100% Amino Acid Chelated)

PH 7.2 solution containing Calcium amino acid chelate (left), Calcium citrate (middle), Calcium carbonate (right). After a short period of time, Calcium amino acid chelate (left) remains clear and free from precipitated and settled; Calcium citrate (middle) and Calcium carbonate (right) have precipitated and settled to the bottom of the vial.

high qualityleft picture: Milk Thistle Extract - NutrivityRx® has more active strength.

low quality left picture: Milk Thistle Extract - other Brand  less active strength.

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